Hacks for Maintaining Fitness While Traveling

This weekend is for many people the unofficial start of summer, and whether you travel for pleasure or business, you don’t need to let the lack of a [decent] gym or instructor be a deterrent (or excuse!) from scoring your workout.  There are several tools at your fingertips if you have a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.  No matter what your fitness bag is, here are some great resources that will keep you looking and feeling your best.  All apps referenced below are FREE!


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“Take Yoga Anywhere” is the motto of Yoga Download, and you can do that by logging in or installing their free app!  Most videos are +/- 20 minutes, and they come in a wide variety of yoga disciplines that address at least as many goals: stress relief, sculpting, weight loss, release after a long sit or a lot of standing, to name only a smattering.  Choose a single class, do a couple at different times of day, or string some together for a longer workout, and if you find a practice/instructor you really like, you can purchase and download more videos and/or longer sessions.

Note: Apple devices may present a challenge when attempting to download your purchase, so you might need to install the iDownloader app or something similar.

Another tip: pick up a foldable yoga mat – there are several offered on Amazon.  It’s hard enough fitting what you need into carry-on luggage without swinging a yoga mat down a narrow plane aisle.  The folding yoga mats are thinner, so not always great on hardwood floors, but they are perfect for your hotel room, plus, they fit into your luggage easily.

Strength and Endurance Training

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To borrow a successful tagline, make your body your machine!  Invest in a TRX suspension training system (roughly $200 for the basic kit), download the TRX app, and you are on your way.  Throw a jump rope into your bag and you have the makings for a killer workout at any time of day.  The TRX app has some bugs yet, but it comes with a few short and sweaty workouts to get you started, and you can purchase additional routines that will reside inside the app for whenever you have the nerve to do them.

Name it and Claim it

Fitness Blender logo

For a broad selection of challenging workouts, ranging from bodyweight to kettlebells to Pilates to HIIT, check out Fitness Blender.  Daniel and Kelli, a husband and wife team, will whip you into shape no matter what you like to do.  You can easily sort for the type and length of routine you want, and instruction is clear, human, and often enough funny, and nothing beats the burn better than an unexpected laugh.  Create a free account and you can even save your favorite videos for easy access!


If you deliberately don’t work out on your vacations, then have at it!  Enjoy and leave the guilt at home with your gym bag while your body gets a good rest, or maybe just a total departure from the norm.  Whatever you do, make the best of it!

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